OSP 2010-2011 Committee Positions Open (Make a positive difference in the life of a child!)

The Orphan Sponsorship Program at University of Toronto, St. George Campus (OSP) was launched in 2003 with the aim of making a positive difference in the lives of orphans around the globe. Masha’Allah in just 7 years the OSP has fundraised over $260,000, allowing us to sponsor over 130 orphans from over 20 different countries (and hope to sponsor even more Insha’Allah)

We are now accepting applications for volunteers interested in becoming a part of the new OSP committee (OSP 2010-2011)

The committee commences from April 2010 until April 2011 and will aim at bringing about an awareness of the situation of orphans around the world and also fundraise in order to re-sponsor the orphans we are currently sponsoring.

The following are the volunteer positions available. If interested, then by March 31st, 2010 kindly email us:

– Your name & contact information

– Your education background (year/program of study)

– Committee position(s) are you interested in (you can mention multiple options as in the event a position is already taken up, you could help out in another).

– Why you would like to help out OSP.

– A brief history about yourself and related experience you may have.

– “If you were not chosen as a committee head, would you still help OSP?”

– Any other relevant information you think necessary/helpful to your application.

If you may have any questions or would like to know more about the OSP, feel free to ask us: osp.uoft@yahoo.ca

Orphan Sponsorship Program at University of Toronto, St. George Campus (OSP)

Our aim:
To bring about awareness of the situation of orphans all around the world. At the same time fundraise to sponsor orphans on an annual basis, there by giving them a better life and future.

Our achievements:
– Currently in it’s 7th year, OSP has fundraised over $260,000 enabling us to sponsor over 130 orphans from over 20 different countries (spanning 4 continents) Masha’Allah.

– Encouraged and aided other student groups and committees from various Universities, high schools, and community organizations to start similar orphan sponsorship initiatives.

– Educated students and the community about the plight of orphans by means of information booths, poster displays, emails, talks and seminars.

– Came up with an orphan profile/update template for some Govt. of Canada registered charities to utilize which will enable donors sponsoring orphans to obtain detailed information on the orphans they are sponsoring (not only our orphans but this will also benefit individuals and other organizations sponsoring orphans as well)

Our goals:
– Keep re-sponsoring the orphaned children we are currently sponsoring, on an annual basis. Insha’Allah (God Willing) if possible, to help out even more orphans at a maintainable, manageable and reproducible pace (With no special treatment/difference according to country, culture or background “We all are One” 🙂

– Bring about awareness at UofT and in Canada about the situation of orphans by means of organizing events such as lectures, information booths, displays, seminars, etc.

– Build a rapport with the children that we are sponsoring by means of communicating with them with letters, greeting cards, etc.

– Encourage/aid other associations, groups and organizations to start a similar orphan sponsorship campaigns.

OSP 2010-2011’s committee positions and task outline:

Note, requirement for all committee positions:

– We are looking for Highly Dedicated individuals who are willing to make the time for a worthy cause.

– Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (to interact with donors, volunteers, other associations and registered charities).

– Easily accessible (Frequently check your email) and able to punctually respond via email (to volunteers, donors and charities).

– Regularly attend OSP committee meetings.

OSP Head Coordinator
Oversees the entire program, ensuring all tasks are carried out effectively and efficiently Communicating and Interacting with donors, fellow committee members, other student and community groups, media, registered charities, etc. Documenting everything. Overall, being the 1st and last line of action for OSP (Preference will be given to individuals who have had previous experience working with OSP and/or extensive experience working in a similar initiative).

Executive Assistant
Arranging meetings, taking minutes of the meeting. Organizing and maintaining a hardcopy database of the orphan profiles and updates at the office. Emailing/responding to necessary individuals (charities, speakers, interested donors/volunteers etc) Helping out in various OSP tasks as/if needed.

Donor Liaison
Scanning profiles and updates of orphans in order to maintain a softcopy/online database. Work with webmaster to maintain OSP website. Keeping a rapport with donors (sponsoring an assigned orphan on an individual basis) and sending them annual updates on the specific orphan assigned to them. Interacting with charities if needed (with regards to profiles/updates on orphans or tax receipts for donors)

Orphan Liaison
Maintaining a regular rapport with the orphans being sponsored by means of organizing various events and initiatives (for eg. sending letters, greeting cards, gifts, pairing students with specific orphans to maintain pen pal contact with. Organizing initiatives that involve international students to visit the orphans while visiting their home countries).

Advertising Coordinator
Advertising OSP and OSP related activities (fundraiser, awareness events, fundraising, volunteer drive, etc) on UofT campus and in Ontario. Various methods include: flyers, posters, emails, info booths/displays. word of mouth, etc.

Responsible for various financial obligations related to OSP. Documenting all financial information. Accumulate all donations, keep detailed financial records (cash, cheque and paypal donations) Ensure donations are deposited. Come up with various fundraising initiatives for OSP.

Awareness Coordinator
Organize events and initiatives aimed at educating UofT and the Ontario community with regards to the situation of orphans around the world and also social/international issues that lead to children being orphaned. Events include: Lectures, seminars, documentary filming, organizing video updates on the orphans we sponsor and information booth/displays.

– Fundraising Coordinator (aka Business Liaison)
Organizing various initiatives/events related to fundraising. Events include organizing a fundraising dinner, charity auctions, etc.
Forming an OSP information package and communicating with various business in the GTA, asking them to donate to OSP.Overseeing the annual OSP fundraising dinner (in collaboration with the dinner coordinator)

Collections Coordinator
Overseeing collection of donations on UofT campus (at iftars, Friday prayers, various events at University of Toronto, placing and overseeing donation boxes at various locations on campus). Following up with volunteers collecting donations and forwarding it to the treasurer.

Volunteer Coordinator
Finding volunteers to help out with various events/tasks for the OSP. Maintaining volunteer database. Working with fellow committee members and assigning volunteers as required. Coming up with initiatives aimed at finding volunteers for OSP. Keeping a rapport with OSP volunteers.

OSP Webmaster (Non committee position):
Setup and maintaining an OSP website. Regularly update website as required (with notices of upcoming events, latest updates, updates from orphans, etc.) Maintain online database of orphan profiles/updates (in collaboration with OSP Donor Liaison)

Interested applicants, apply by March 31st, 2010 at osp.uoft@yahoo.ca


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  2. Vincent says:

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  3. […] For more details, committee positions, task outline, and how to apply: Click Here […]

  4. […] For more details, committee positions, task outline, and how to apply: Click Here […]

  5. Given chimbo says:

    Blessed are you people of God , am Given chimbo a Zambian citizen age 20 am a meal and am spornsering 5 children two boys and three girls am looking on a way forward on spornsering young children, here in zambia though am not doing much in everything they want me to help in terms of buying school uniforms, school shoes, cloths and feeding them (give) the name of the school that am using is called THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MAIN. am a Christian and kindly asking for any help nor people that I can work with in helping me nor assist me to help these children nor you can call me on +260977175374 nor on +260975421597 nor you can call my mother on his number who has been encurgeing on +260977546254 blessed is the hand that gives I will be very grateful to here it from you amen.

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