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  1. Thando BANDA says:

    you mus keep on helping orphans nothing to donate only to my body to visit them

  2. Mambo joseph says:

    Am the exerctive director of BALIKONGO ORPHANAGE METAL FABRICATORS AND DESIGNERS TRAINING CENTRE, 242 kasese off mbarara Rd. Tel +256772638005, +256701638000. We kindly need ur suport from ur organisation.

  3. we are also suffering from food also and nutrious food also, so once visit our orphanise and help us our adress :nirmala hrudaya seva samstha, phirangipuram , guntur. andhra pradesh , pincode:522529, phone no:9985645257

  4. Walter chinuru says:

    My desire long back when i was still young was to keep orphans,and i still want to.for the mean time i have 1000bricks,8door frames,11 window frames,3o airvines,children playing equipments and the ground is my wish is to built that home but i do not have cash.if u can assist me in any kind,u will be +263779357533,+263772957038,in Zimbabwe Musiso Hospital Box 350 Jerera Zaka

  5. We formed a rehabilitation center in kisoro called Bethany rehabilitation center. we registered over 120 orphans and currently we need sponsors for these vulnerable children. please contact us on +256701501524

  6. Well, Iam called Joshua Mwasame and i reside in Musoto village,mbale District, Uganda. Well, Iam a proffessional social worker and iam compassionate for the suffering widows and vulnerable orphan children in my community therefore i have begun a Project called “Restoration Of Widows And Orphan Children “in Mbale district. Well, so far, i have over 100 orphan children under my care and over 30 Widows in my community due to the rapid spread of the deadly Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome [AIDS] Virus. Well, Iam humbly appealing for your help so that we may be able to restore a hope and a future to these suffering people in my community. God bless you

  7. fredrick juma says:

    Hallo am from eldoret with five ophans but they lack basic needs i support them with what i have that is one meal a day but the lack cloths books school fees plus enogh beddings pliz i will apreciate if i got a sponser to sponser them with education plus basic needs thanks looking foward for your response my cntcts 2547239577331

  8. Geoffrey Odama Ejoyi says:

    Dear Members of the Management of OSP,
    I am Geoffrey and live in Arua – Uganda. I am working but it seems as if I earn nothing. This is because of the challenge I decided to take. I will not have gone to school if it was not because of the sacrifice my Maternal Uncle took to pay me school fees. When I finished and started work, I started paying my 8 siblings since my father and mother are very poor people. This would have been manageable since such payments have to go stage by stage. I now have a real problem. My dear Maternal Uncle died last year (August 2013), two months later, his first born also passed away. The two have left me with four children to take care of. One of them needs tuition for a two year course in the university in order to access working environment (masters course) in my country, the other needs a three year course from the university (Bachelors Course) for him to start preparing for independent living. The other two are in primary one ( infant classes – 4 and 6 years). Now and again, I get phone calls from my aunt (the widow) imploring me for help and yet the money I earn is very little. As I read these pleas posted here, I realized I was not alone. I have being praying to God to give me an answer. I am therefore appealing to you to help especially if possible for the first two since their costs in university on private payments will too high for me to manage and yet without that education, it will be hard for them to become independent. You can get back to me when you think it is a good course to make people independent. The decision is yours but at leasting suporting any of them or all of them is my cry. I thank you for offering space on the Web for us to interact.

  9. Prasadu Rajulapati says:

    My Beloved friends in Christ,
    Greetings to you in most highly exalted name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    I am Brother Rajulapati Prasad from devoted Hindu family. My father Gurunatham, mother Ankamma, I was born 18 May 1978, we are three brothers, and I am the eldest of them. Bedhapudi village, Repalle Mandal, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India.
    My father was seller of alcoholic beverage which the Palm tree produces. He knew no other job in the village, as he came to the Town he cherished bad friendship. He ruined his life by raucous activities. My mother is house wife very humble and she is a good wife to my father and loving mother to us. They both knew no education.
    I have struggled in my life to make up a good life as I was schooling but after completing my 12th grade I lost my way into intoxicating potables. I followed the way of my father. Nevertheless, deep in my heart I was longing to get back to a normal healthy life.
    When I was absent in my mind by alcohol unfortunately along with my friend I happen to face a problem and we happened to beat a person and the police arrested us, as I was in lock up in that night; the first time in my life, I felt extremely sorry for what happened. Now I was repenting in heart and I was praying for someone to guide me to better life.
    I was regularly praying to my past Hindu gods and goddess, but there was no peace in my heart. I was lonely, I dissolution, I was claiming mountains with abstaining from food, bad friends, bad behaviors yet nothing gave me happiness.
    Some of my friends helped me to know Jesus Christ, they prayed for me every day; they used to talk to me about Jesus, faith, hope and future. I started to think that why did Jesus died for me? Why should Jesus love me? As the days were passing by in my heart a room for Jesus happen to take place and His love got my heart. I gave my life in a meeting and I confessed my sins and asked Jesus to forgive my sins.

    My heart without my awareness was filled with love of Jesus Christ. I started to feel sorry for the helpless orphan children and old aged people whoever is left destitute. As I was praying to God to show me a way to express His love to them, I approached my friend sharing with them what the Lord put His burden in my heart to do something for the orphan children and old aged people.
    They prayed for me and encouraged me to raise fund, they shown me promises of God from the Bible, a new faith and hope raised in my heart I started to work with my friends help as I do not know English they helped to write letter and share like this with someone asking them to pray. Somehow, God is helping me to feed these 41 children in our Learning Estate Ministry children Home, also feeding Old aged and helping pastors in the ministry by supporting the with money gift every month.
    In 2004 God sent money gift through someone whom I did not know and proved His calling and purpose in my life. From there on God is helping miraculously to feed these children and old aged people.
    I have no one promised to help regularly but God is helping people like you exactly. Please pray for our ministry and invest your earthly money on souls which will live forever with God.
    I am married to Madhavi, God blessed me with suitable wife who prays for me and stands by me from the time I married to her. We are expecting a child in few months.

    Aims & Objects:

    1. To establish, maintain and regulate the affairs of the institution and encourage sports, literary, educational and cultural activities.
    2. To conduct holiday home camps and cultural tours for the benefit of the members and children.
    3. Running residential institutions for the health care protection and rehabilitation of socially handicapped children etc.
    4. To arrange temporary homes for children from broken homes, children of unattached workers, employed or under training and the like.
    5. To establish orphanages and home for the aged by providing free boarding and education, irrespective of case, community and creed.
    6. To establish dispensaries and medical centers to provide drugs for the poor sufferers in rural and urban areas.
    7. To establish technical institutions and welfare centre for tribes, oppressed and poor to uplift them in the society.
    8. Running of balwadies hobby clubs, nursery of preprimary schools for the adult and poor.
    9. To carry on social and cultural activities by conducting relief work, such as cyclone, famine and providing agricultural facilities was modern methods.
    10. All other objects of the society are Non – political no – racial and non – tribalistic.
    11. This is a non – profitable association/organization.
    12. To receive funds either in kind or coin from any other charitable organization of person for the development of the organization.
    13. To promote educational institutions of health science and computer courses.
    14. To establish educational and vocational training centers, for the minorities and other communities to improve their education status.
    15. To promote welfare programs for the women and child.
    16. To establish family counseling, educational counseling centers.

    About my Orphanage: –

    I am running an orphanage for our helpless orphan children. They are 40 members and some of the children are semi orphans and poorest of the poor children. And they are totally in need of proper help. Some of the orphans were wandered on streets, they starved for food; they struggled at their resorted facilities. I got pitied about their condition and I got much impressed with the verses in the Bible “James 1:27”. Now I prepared to host such helpless orphans. Now they are growing on perfect healthy grounds by adopting very good habits under Christian background. I believe they should become as God’s servant in future. This activity is doing by local donors like friends and well known persons. But we are running this orphan home with insufficient funds and in rented building. All children are going to school by on foot nearly 2kilomiters far from Orphan home every day. We praying and seeking God for owned building and small van for transportation for children to school.

    Thanking you for our valuable time to read this.

    May God bless you and we are praying for every singles reader.

    Yours in His ministry
    Prasadu Rajulapati

  10. Byana Mary Hill Orpahanage says:

    Dear Friends
    My name is Joseph Kasibante. I am one of the founders of Byana Mary Hill Orpahange.
    I and other two friends established BMH with a strong burning desire we had. This came because of the prolonging problems in the community we lived.The high number of Orphans,needy,disadvantaged and many cases.So we established in 2007.
    BMH is an Orphanage with a mission of improving
    children’s lives through sport by breaking down religious, social and
    economic barriers within communities, bringing boys and girls together
    to convey health, HIV/AIDS and education messages and encouraging the
    young people to develop their personality through doing sports. BMH serves young people around the community with a strong emphasis on age group 1 – 18. The target group is children around the community who are under privileged. We care about the child who has no parent, the child who has no home, the child who is not loved.
    Aims and Objectives:
    To develop the potentials of the Young people in our communities
    To emphasize the heart of Volunteerism among the Young People.
    To create chances for all young people in the community.
    To provide free education and affordable support to the children in
    To provide educative messages to young people.
    To teach Young people about HIV/AIDS
    To provide donations to those in need.
    To create a room for the Youth In Need with the Youth With Need.
    We have been in services since 2008 and since then, we have managed to
    provide free scholarships to the Youth and children around the
    Community. We are able to reach this because we work together and
    fight the problems of our fellow brothers and sisters.
    We have started many projects and all aiming on providing free
    education and affordable support.
    So our brothers and sisters we really request you to get us some volunteers who can work together with us here in Uganda to ensure the better lives of the disadvantaged in Uganda.


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  12. Please I Ask U Also To Sporsor My Education Am Also An Orphan Who Need Ur Help Am In Uganda

  13. virtuous woman says:


    am from Namibia looking for help for kids kindly email you will send you all the document in my email

    thank you

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